Principal's Message

JBMS Families,


Welcome to James Buchanan Middle School where we strive to make it Y.E.S. every day! (Y.E.S. stands for you are extra special) Middle school is a pivotal time in the development of young adolescents, and our school strives to provide our students with opportunities to learn and grow academically and emotionally.  We strive to give students a variety of experiences and we hope to prepare students for high school and beyond.  It is important to engage students' minds in an ever-changing world, teaching them about tolerance, and considering other people's opinions.  It is our goal to support students and families as their students move through grades 6-8. 


As the principal at James Buchanan Middle School, it is my privilege to work with a great staff of educators.  My fellow educational leader and assistant principal is Mrs. Tiffany Barrett.  During middle school, students get to engage in a number of courses aimed at finding new interests, art, music, library science, tech ed, maker spaces, and band/orchestra/chorus allow our students to challenge themselves and dive into and discover new passions.  We have recently begun to utilize a Social and Emotional Learning curriculum called Second Step to help further support the development of our students. 


We often tell our students to make it their best.  Every day we make it a priority to improve and look at it as a new day.  We ask our students to learn from yesterday and get a little better each day.  We feel that this is what makes JBMS such a special place.  It takes teachers, staff, students, and parents to make JBMS Y.E.S.


I look forward to working alongside the students, our entire TSD community, and yourself.  It is a privilege to be part of this incredible group of people.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.


Make it your Best!  JBMS... YES. YES. YES


Mr. Zachary Kump

JBMS Principal

[email protected]

717-328-3127 x2060

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